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Town and Country Market

The Town & Country Market is located at the heart of downtown Bainbridge Island. Opened in 1957, this market anchors downtown and has been the social center of Bainbridge Island for almost 60 years. This iconic family owned and operated grocery store sits on “sacred ground” where the multi- store company was founded. Founders were two brothers and their best friend, all children of immigrants. With WWII, one brother, lost his market, was interned at Manzanar with their parents, and one brother served in the all Japanese American 442nd Infantry in Europe.

The owner could have saved 30% in construction costs by moving the store out of downtown, but this complete revitalization almost single-handedly preserved the social fabric of the community. Downtown remains sustainable, walkable, and viable. It retains its history and depth, and offers islanders fundamental services and opportunities. The Market aids in accommodating an aging population and generating employment for young people in the urban core.

This collaborative community project completely reconstructed the original 32,000 S.F. market, upgraded all systems and components, and added 13,600 S.F of additions. Essentially it’s a new store built atop an existing store, while remaining open throughout construction.

This project improved downtown pedestrian circulation. Accessibility to the store and through the site was enhanced multi-modally, with better grading, more walkways, and more landscaping. The redesigned grocery store improved access to the ferry, the waterfront park, and other downtown businesses.

A new pocket park and plaza areas were added, along with increased outdoor and indoor seating. Landscaping is predominately edible, medicinal, and herbal plantings in keeping with the store’s organic, farm-to-market philosophy. The existing north parking area converts to a flexible plaza for community events.

The architecture embraces timeless ideals with northwest character, and balances contemporary and historical influences. Abundant natural light, strong visual connectivity to Winslow Way, and blended indoor/outdoor spaces are inspired by the natural environment. Beloved elements of the original store were retained, original décor and existing materials were re-used. The cherished Heritage Signboard announcing community events was rebuilt.

The Town & Country Market achieved LEED Gold Certification. The building uses simple, durable, materials, as well as energy-efficient systems. Straightforward, efficient spaces are organized and visually linked so that products can be beautifully displayed and readily accessed. The open layout, use of natural colors, materials, textures, and human scale create a visual balance and harmonious experience for both shopping and socializing.